A summary of some major recent improvements that have been completed in the building:

  • Lobby Refurbishment
  • New Stairwell Doors with Windows
  • 11th Floor Ceiling Refurbishment
  • Gate Arm installation for rear parking area
  • P1 Level Corridor Refurbishment
  • Party Room and Billiards Room refurbishment completed.
  • Lobby Area – installation of a security desk and new HD cameras
  • Ground Floor – new carpeting throughout and new thresholds
  • Gym – New Treadmills Installed
  • Corridor lighting changed to brighter and more energy efficient light bulbs
  • Front Refurbishment Project – ¬†asphalting of the front driveway, installation of a handicap ramp and door openers, re-tiling the front area, painting of the canopy and new canopy lighting, new light fixtures, new flower urns, new planters, new building signage on the building and new building name on the front and back doors.
  • Rogers Cable contract renewed January 1, 2017 – January 1, 2022